Etymology[edit | edit source]

Caeddo (kai-doh) from Latin caedo, caedere: to cut, to kill, to [censored].

Excidi (ex-ki-di) from Latin excidium, excidii: destruction, demolition, subversion.

General[edit | edit source]

Caeddo is a young troll with a lot of convictions. She may not know exactly what her convictions are, but she has them. A tendency to cut down friend and foe alike.

Reads a lot and uses a lot of big words, likes to feel superior, writes extremely long thinkpieces on everything from hemospectrum discrimination to ten reasons you missed the subversive messaging in the latest Alternian blockbuster, Captain Alternia: Civil War.

Easily worked up over her principles, but lacking in basic person to person empathy. Probably should get out more but her hive is really high up and she's honestly not sure how you get out of it.

She is currently working on a 70,000 word dissertation entitled "Naruto Uzumaki: Mutant Troll, Unsung Hero?"

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