Fedele Aufero, also known by his Trollian handle reluctantlyWired, is one of the trolls and the leader (!?!) of the Red Team. His associated sign is the Latin letter upsilon (ʊ).

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Fedele (fuh-deh-lei): Latin for loyal, faithful, true, devoted.

Aufero (ow-feh-roh): Latin for stealing, essentially. I picked because it sounds good with Ardere's name...

Biography[edit | edit source]

Fedele is something like a tinker, though he'll tell you he's a mechanic. He likes to work with robots but he can build and fix an assortment of things. He's got multiple metal projects going on at his junkyard that he works with his pyrokenetic welding powers.

Also working with heavy materials makes for a good workout ^^..........

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Fedele begins the game as a big pushover, serious and loyal to a fault. His patience seemingly has no end! He also has a bad habit of doubting himself.

Fedele has an inferiority complex towards his ancestor, the Champion. Sometimes he wonders if they're actually related at all considering how different they are (in his opinion). However, after going through multiple trials and tribulations during Sgrub, he grows to become someone in between.

After gaining more confidence, Fedele naturally grows into his leadership role. He's willing to fight if it means protecting his friends!

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Vibria[edit | edit source]

Fedele's childhood friend and longtime moirail. Although his seriousness and her eccentricity should conflict with each other, Fedele feels the most comfortable around Vibria. His absolute trust in her often leads to getting (lovingly) pranked.

Viviet[edit | edit source]

Viviet is the ONE TROLL Fedele has black feelings for, much to his chagrin (he's not good at being a troll!). He tries to deny his feelings but if he were to be honest, he wouldn't really mind if she died........

Harkka[edit | edit source]

She's like a little sister to him! Fedele feels responsibility for her and tries to look good infront of Harkka, even if it means going along with her ramblings.

Krayon[edit | edit source]

???? He keeps touching Fedele's boobs??? Fedele is confused and flustered around Krayon, since he doesn't know what his intentions are, but sees him as relatively harmless.

Gravia[edit | edit source]

Gravia confuses Fedele too— are they friends? Is she bullying him? In a way, Gravia's assertiveness and Fedele's submissiveness work really well together. He sorta sees her as an teasing older sister (conflicted...)

Marsos[edit | edit source]

Like Harkka, Marsos is like a little brother to him! He's also really grateful that Marsos is willing to facilitate Fedele and Viviet's blackrom(?). Respects and admires his similar pacifist attitude.

Dardel[edit | edit source]

At some point between grubhood and now, Fedele had flushed feelings for Dardel, but we don't talk about that anymore. He doesn't know what he saw in that guy...

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