Silphi Majore, also known by her Trollian handle frondlyWarning, is one of the 18 trolls and a member of the Red Team. Her associated sign is a simple kaomoji for cheer (\o/).

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Silphi: From the now extinct silphium plant. Contemporary writings help tie silphium to sexuality and love.

Majore: From majorette, a female dancer doing choreographed dance or movement, primarily baton twirling associated with marching bands during parades.

Her symbol (\o/) is a cheering kaomoji.

frondlyWarning is just one of the many (fandom) trollian handles she has hoarded. Named after a song by The Grubbles, and is her current main account. Don't ask her to trade, unless you have one of Gravia's old handles.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Silphi lived in a modest hive in the middle of troll suburbia. She maintained a friendly relationship with her neighbors who were all fellow lowbloods. She lived a life as normal as a troll's could get.

Because of her trusting nature, she provided a mysterious troll she met online with both her troll ssn# and home address. Despite her not remembering placing the order, 100,000 boxes of pizza were delivered to her hive a few days later. She was found dead, crushed beneath all 100,00 moldy boxes and her crumbled floor.

Personality & Traits[edit | edit source]

A jeerleader with a weak body and a weaker heart...

Silphi has a very genuine and open personality.  She 's an idealist who wants to be friends with every troll.  As result, she ends up being kind of a pushover, often yielding to other trolls to maintain peace.

There's not a single fandom in which she is not a part of. She enjoys chatting online about her many fandoms.  In the past, she would try to compromise and understand points coming from all points of view.  Nowadays, she prefers to just blocks all the anti hate.

Silphi used to wish she had more courage, so she could one day properly look at Gravia without dying from a heart attack. It's now a moot point.....

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Gravia[edit | edit source]

Gravia's Biggest Fan. Gravia is a goddess and if they ever make eye contact, or if she ever stares at Gravia for longer than a millisecond, her heart would literally explode.

Isolat[edit | edit source]

The oinkbeast who dares sully Gravia's reputation. Isolat caused Silphi's pre-session death during a particularly aggressive round of trolling during which he had 100,000 pizzas delivered to her hive. The weight of all those pizzas caved in her floor, and she died in the fall.

Venera[edit | edit source]

For some reason, only Venera receives Silphie's life alerts? Weird!

Dardel[edit | edit source]

It is speculated that Dardel also receives her life (death) alerts, but is just too high to notice.

Krayon[edit | edit source]

The two are mutuals on prongle but don't know each other irl (Silphi only has eyes for Gravia and everyone else is just blurred out in the background).

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