Etymology [edit | edit source]

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Acreta- accretus/accreta Latin for "growth"

Sentis - latin "sentir" for "to feel". but acreta feels absolutely nothing

Biography [edit | edit source]

used to be a pretty nice troll until she was betrayed in her youth by her blueblooded matesprite. she was gifted a trolleating plant unknowingly until it ate her arm one night. the plant also poisoned her (the white leaf tattoos), shortening her already stupidly short candy blood lifespan and makes it difficult for her to maintain control of her new murderous impulses.

she killed her matesprit but found out later that it was just a huge mistake (blueblood didn't know that the plant ws trolleating) but Acreta by now developed a taste for highblood ^^ and she won't stop ^^ for anything or anyone

joins Verdia's revolution 

-verdia recruiting acreta shes like "it'll be fun! to spill a fucshia blood right? 9:D"

-acreta "hell fuKKing YES gimme that fuKKng queenblood"

Personality and Traits [edit | edit source]

became emotionally bankrupt after she murdered her matesprite.

now only finds joy in watching noble blood seeping into the thirsty soil ^^

blood is honestly the best fuKKing fertilizer and no one fukKKing understands. thank god she's an amazing arborist and now she has a near unstoppable army of trolleating plants at her beKK and KKall.

yeah she has very strong psychic powers and she could eggnog trolls thinkpans with one glance but where's the fun in that? where's the fuKKing blood?

[edit | edit source]

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